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Defeating the Wheeze Monsters

I was in Tesco choosing a birthday card for my friend when I heard a child singing the alphabet beside me: ABC..DEFG.. HIJKLM… And I...

The Queen's Day Out - A Christmas Story

‘Alice has told me all about contouring. I thought, if its good enough for Ru Paul, bless his spangled corset, it’s good enough for the...

I become a talking inhaler

I expect that I will disrupt a bit and fail a lot. I'll be scared, think about giving up and then, just as I think it's time to forget...

Stuck in a hole

Dear reader, I don’t know whether you’ve ever been there, but the threat of redundancy makes you feel like you're disposable and frankly...

Disruptive Caring

I reminded her that he was a war veteran and entitled to the best treatment. I could see ‘snotty cow’ written all over her face. Sit...

The origins of a disrupter

This is the start of my diary to help fellow disrupters by sharing my story. Disruption wasn’t intended I assure you. Let’s look at the...

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